Horizon 2020
REXUS Horizon 2020 Project:

Managing Resilient Nexus Systems Through Participatory Systems Dynamics Modelling

From Water-Energy-Food

Nexus Thinking to Nexus Doing

The Horizon 2020 Rexus Project is developing and validating knowledge and tools to facilitate the transition from WEFE NEXUS theory to practice, taking into account climate impacts.

Water, Energy, Food sectors are deeply interconnected. But they are often managed separately, endangering sustainability as policies pull in conflicting directions. REXUS is developing a new blueprint for climate-resilient, participatory Water-Energy-Food Nexus solutions, closing the gap between science and policy through an innovative integrated approach applied in 5 pilot sites across Europe and Latin America.  

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Rexus is helping the shift from Nexus Thinking to Nexus Doing, by:
Bringing together the latest scientific data and developing models that account for real-world complexities and interconnections.
Developing adaptive, stakeholder-driven solutions in specific local, regional and transboundary settings.
Using the results to create visions and pathways for future scenarios that present clear options for policymakers.


Scientific Institutions






Stakeholder Organizations

Rexus News

Rexus Pilots

The Methods
  • Participatory Scenario planning
  • Participatory System Dynamics Modelling
  • Models to support SDG delivery – Coupled resource flow management
  • Participatory climate risk assessment
  • Water, Energy, Land accounting and footprints
  • Policy and Governance Analysis
  • Nature-based solutions
REXUS Project
What is different and original in the REXUS project approach to Nexus challenges? How will it provide tailored practical and participatory solutions to that can be implemented on the ground? Hear from some of the project partners in this video:

A Consortium of 19 Partners

REXUS consortium partners
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