Consultancy specialized in Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainability

ICATALIST is formed by a highly qualified interdisciplinary team, supported by a constellation of collaborators and experts in different fields of knowledge. We have, among others, specialists in environment, forestry, socio-ecological systems, economical and funding analysis, communication or public participation. We integrate qualitative and quantitative approaches in research projects, knowledge transfer and specialized studies.

Because implementation turns plans into actions, ICATALIST facilitates the adoption of the best knowledge and innovation, to address the needs of our clients.We make sure that our work is respectful and in accordance with local practices, different approaches and cultures.


Mrs. Barbara Willaarts is a researcher with 16 years of professional experience in environmental planning and policy. She has developed most of her professional career in research organizations and policy think tanks, investigating the complex interlinkages between water, food and the environment. She participated as a researcher in different international projects around the Mediterranean region, Latin America and more recently Southern Africa and South Asia. In addition to her research activity, she also works as a consultant for different international organizations, including the GCIAR and United Nations, and advising subnational governments in Spain. She is affiliated to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria as a research scholar and project management. Currently, she is also working for ICATALIST supporting the development and implementation of the stakeholder engagement within the REXUS project.


Mr. Manuel Bea is a researcher and it is in charge of Business Development at ICA, supporting the development of new products and services to meet our clients needs.

Manuel has been collaborating with ICATALIST since 2013. Manuel holds a PhD in Geography and an Environmental Science degree by the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. He has more than 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of projects related with remote sensing and GIS, mainly applied to the inventory and balance of water resources use and demand, agriculture, landscape planning and environment.

He has also worked in several applied research projects under EU H2020, FP5 and LIFE programmes as researcher as well as a member of the coordination team. He also has been involved in more than 10 evaluation processes of H2020 calls for proposals, in the roles of expert evaluator, specific rapporteur and vice-chair.

He has been a teacher in the Master in Environmental Management of the Instituto de Empresa (IE), being given with the “best professor award” in the 2012-2013 intake. In 2017 he was awarded with a post-doc grant (i.e. Torres Quevedo) by the Spanish ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the design of a multi-scalar service based on integrated water accounting and auditing that will be part of the portfolio of solutions offered by ICATALIST.

Belén Cerrada

Mrs. Belén Cerrada is an environmental biologist by Complutense University of Madrid and she coursed a master’s degree in Conservation, Management and Restoration of Biodiversity in the University of Granada. She is passionate about the holistic vision of nature and her purpose is to work for a more resilient and fair planet through the sustainable use of natural resources.

She considers herself a proactive person committed to solving real problems. This led her to elaborate, as part of her master’s thesis, a proposal for the adaptation to the effects of climate change in the city of Granada. On the other hand, she has collaborated with SEO/BirdLife in the conservation of the Natura 2000 Network and she has worked as researcher in the Complutense University of Madrid. As a result of this internship, she had the opportunity to collaborate in various congresses and in a scientific publication.

Currently, her job in ICATALIST is focused on the rural adaptation to climate change and the implementation of participatory processes in decision making.


Director of ICATALIST, her role is focused on the strategic development of projects, vision of the future and innovation. She manages an interdisciplinary team, to implement projects, and the development of products and services based on innovation.

Founder and Director of ICATALIST and a Visiting Fellow at University of Leeds. part of the water@leeds in the United Kingdom. Elena finished her PhD at King’s College, London. She holds a Masters from the University of Cambridge, and a Master in Investigative Journalism, Data Management and visualization from the University Juan Carlos I with “El Mundo” newspaper.

She was an Associate Professor at IE Business school and a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics as Alcoa Research Fellow. Professionally, Elena has collaborated with a number of organizations including UNESCO, FAO, UNDP, EU DG Research and Innovation, universities (Spanish and Dutch) and river basin agencies, the England and Wales Environment Agency, as well as the private sector like Repsol, and NGOs like Transparency International-Spanish Chapter. She has published on a range of topics mainly related to water security, social innovation, collaborative decision making, water governance, evaluation of public policy, knowledge management and transfer.

Her current main focus is on climate change adaptation and the role of green infrastructure, as well as groundwater strategic management


Technologist at ICATALIST, mainly in charge of all the technological and computing part of the different projects of the company.

He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. His thesis consisted of developing an application to generate terrains using mathematical techniques.

He continued his studies by completing the Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence at the same university. With special interest in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. His thesis consisted of generating articles in incomplete sentences using deep learning.

His main motivation is acting against the climate crisis.

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