The National Institute for Research and Development on Marine Geology and Geo-ecology – GeoEcoMar

GeoEcoMar is a research and development institute created in 1993 under the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research coordination. GeoEcoMar represents the focal point of national excellence in research and consultancy on marine, coastal, fluvial, lacustrine geology, geophysics, and geo-ecology. Due to its technical capabilities and scientific performance achieved in a short period, the centre has become since 1996 an “Institute of National Interest”, its primary research focus being the complex study of the Danube River-Danube Delta-Black Sea macro-geosystem. An essential part is to improve the state of the Danube River ecosystem by actively participating in research projects to develop better solutions for the threats facing the macro-geosystem.

Albert Scrieciu

Albert Scrieciu is an environmental geologist and his main expertise is on sediment studies for river, deltaic and coastal present-day systems, dealing also with hydrological measurements and data interpretation. He obtained his BSc degree in Geological Engineering from University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, and MSc degree in Environmental Geological Engineering from the same University. He uses his work experience in geo-ecology for the better management of natural protected areas, from the Danube wetlands to the Danube Delta, which was also part of his PhD work on “Management of Protected Geological Areas” at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.


Albert has been working at GeoEcoMar for nine years and from 2016 he is coordinating the “Interdisciplinary research of fluvial environment Department”. He is also Partner coordinator in H2020 projects REXUS, RESET, MERLIN, NAIAD, MONOCLE and MICS and has experience in FP7, CBC and INTERREG research projects, working also at the preparation of the ESFRI proposal for the International Centre for Advanced Studies for River-Delta-Sea systems – DANUBIUS-RI.


His fieldwork activities help him to gain durable and solid collaborations with the main stakeholders from Danube River – Danube Delta – Black Sea macro-geo-system.

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